Monday, 18 November 2013

Bird soft sculptures

Sorry I haven't posted on my blog for yonks. I have been really busy making lots of soft sculptures. I have been accepted in the Kaya Gallery on the Barbican in Plymouth so all my time has gone to my new art venture, Have a look at my new page if you have five minuets( I have only been making these boxed Cornish bird sculpture for a couple of months but I have sold two big boxed pieces now and several single birds. Isn't it funny how somethings just take off and you hadn't even imagined that it would take you down that road. I have also signed up to a print making course for January at the university, can't wait it will be loads of fun. What else has been going on......mmmmm......We also acquired a new member of the house last month. A little kitten now named Holly by the kids. She found us in the recent storms and we took her in for the night then put posters up, told the pet shops and vets that we had found this kitten and we went knocking at doors round the area. So far no one has phoned or come forward and its been 4 weeks now. I think she will be staying (although my other half is not impressed). She is very sweet but likes my bird sculptures a bit too much, I will have to watch her.

Monday, 14 October 2013

Mouse Hole Mouse

I have had a busy couple of weeks. I finished my Gannet soft sculpture for my art label and my mouse hole mouse toy. I started this little mouse after my visit to Mouse Hole in Cornwall whilst away one weekend in the caravan. I found a sock and a hankie washed up on the beach and as I cant resist a bit of found texile treasure I had to sneek them into my pockets with much ridicule from the family. It had to be a mouse, being found at mouse hole and this was the finished article. (don't worry they were very well washed). I have also started on my Christmas stall stock. I wasn't planning on doing any this year but here I am with three fairs lined up for Christmas.......which I know I will stress about.........and be last minute larry again. It is all for a good cause though, My studio shed fund for the allotment. I'll be there soon i'm sure. I just have to keep my mits out the savings jar on top of my cupboard. I still have a way to go but my little allotment studio will be in place soon, Half way there now so maybe it will be done for Christmas with the help of the extra cash from those last minute stalls.
Cup of tea anyone......

Sunday, 29 September 2013

Mouse Hole Harbour Art

I found this great bit of drift wood on the beach the other day and after drying it off in the conservatory I decided to use it on a soft sculpture art piece. I have been dabbling with the idea of selling some of my art work and this might be the first bit to go to a gallery and take the plundge into the cornish art scene. I adapted a pattern from Abigail Glassenbergs book (The artful bird)for the base of my wader bird. I altered the wren pattern to make this little chap. Stretched out the legs and beak and cut new wing and tail shapes and moved the leg position and neck. These waders were every where in mouse hole harbour last week and I love there funny proportions. well I hope you all have a good week and ill hopefully post again soon. I am always posting on my face book pages so please have a look there if you have a spare 5 mins, bye x

Friday, 16 August 2013

You may need sunglasses for this post.....we had a day round the house yesterday, merryn was feeling a bit sick and after being up 3 times in the night I didnt fancy my cars chances if we drove anywhere so I ended up getting my paints out with the kids. They both painted a canvas while I played around at painting a dolls face. I will do some paper machie limbs for her today if the rain keeps on and see where she takes me. Merryn is curled up with bear today in her pj's so cant see us having any wild holiday fun today.......may attempt a trip out though mmmmmmm well best get on with the day, hope you are all having a good summer bye for now.... time for toast and coffee x

Monday, 5 August 2013

Home spun fair

Morning, Im sat in my dressing gown with the rain pouring onto the conservatory, stalling letting the ducks out. Really dont fancy putting on those cold wellies(possibly with a slug inside....eek). So I thought I would quickly post about the homespun fair I did on sunday (yes in the rain).......... Luckly the event is inside a lovely old hall on the beach. We even had a sea view when you could see through the mist and driving rain. I actually had a really good sales day and came back with a big empty tub as I sold lots of toys to bedraggled and wet kids. I think lots of parents were keen to cheer up there little ones after a washout beach day. One of my mooing cows went to a really sweet 3 year old girl. I could hear the moo going off around the hall and by the end of the day I think the parents were wishing they had saved it till after the car journey home, he he he.............. One little girl was very entertained all day though (wonder if she was doing it deliberatley to wined them up).
I also made up this cushion for my eames rocker. I was in two minds when I found this tea towel in the charity shop wheather to cut it up into clasp purses and sell them, or to keep it for myself. In the end I decided to keep it whole and Im glad I did. I think its turned out great, although adam hates all pillows....... so I know when he sees it he wont be impressed. Well better let my poor girls out and collect the eggs (fingers crossed the slugs dont come for me and my wellies)Think the rain is stopping, hope you all have a fab week bye for now x

Monday, 22 July 2013

Cowslip summer fair pics

We had a great day at the Cowslip summer fair on saturday. It was a really sunny day thanks to the heat wave we are currently in and I got a free gander at the great british bake off demo being filmed there. Not a great one for takings although loads of people asked if I took card (might have to look into this, Pant's, really don't want to pay out for a machine though). I think if I had one sales would have been good or if cheques were still being used. I also met some really great people and possible new ventures could spring from this fair, great for networking. Anyway enough random business thinkings and here are a few more pics.
And here is our "Fox and Finch" collaberation with dotty Bird and Sue Newell(Dotty bird being one of my fox and finch girls,the other missing person was Sue Newell who sadly couldn't make it) Dotty bird was sporting her fab mad hatter hair piece and I had my swan contribution.
Just need to Say a Thankyou to John Goodchild ( the rag rug guy ) he kindly gave me some of his cheese buiscuits. I left my lunch in the fridge at home so his buiscuits saved me from dying of starvation along with Dotty Birds tangerine. I survived....yeah.... Thanks Guys.

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

A few more bird folk and the Flat loads

I finished a few more bird folk designs this week for the shops and summer fair onslaught this year. My next stand/fair will be Cowslip workshops summer fair/openday (Launceston,Cornwall)on 20th july so pop along and say hello if you can. I spent the sunny weekend down on the beach. I have to say that when the sun shines down in Cornwall I dont think I would want to be anywhere else in the world.
I love were I live and with the wild flowers spilling out the hedgerows and the blue sky You can see why painters and artists alike base themselves down here. I visited Flat Load which is just outside Redruth and took 195 photos on the camera.....even that is excessive for me.......the norm is about 50 a trip out ( which is still accessive I admit it ) Flat load is field after field of wild flower meadow with old mine chimneys and victorian workhouse buildings slowly being consumed by time back into the ground. I wont bore you with too many of the photos but here are a few of the best ones. mmmmmmmm.........I feel a painting coming on. I think that new canves will be Flat Load inspired now not Bird folk led.........MMMMMM....we'll see it will probably sit there a few more weeks-months before I touch it. anyway.......back to the flat load pics.
Wow, sorry about that. Got carried away, I could see myself putting all 195 photos up, yawn yawn....sorry. Well as you can see its very beautyful and worth a vist if you need a little inspiration, great for mini beast/bug hunting too with the kids. well I hope I haven't sent you to sleep with this post it is quite a long one. Take care and enjoy the sun x