Wednesday, 26 September 2012

50's inspired paper cut experiments

OK I no this is no Rob Ryan but my first attempt at a paper cut was a good
learning experience. I know its a bit on the wonky and the fabric underneath may fray but as a first I was quite happy.I took the inspiration from that 50's maths book I borrowed from a friend ( see old post ) and I knew It would come in handy.
That day of mind numbing scanning action eventually paid off ( I think ! )
 I have also been trying a few more collage and stitched pictures, With varying success.

well that's it for the moment I have agreed to do a last minuet  stall this weekend with a friend, so I will be all guns blazing on Friday ( my last day before the stall without a Merryn to entertain.) Lets see were the blind panic leads me..................

Thursday, 20 September 2012

Winter stock spew

 Just thought I would put up some pictures of the Christmas stock I have been making. I have literally been just designing and making this last week, my brain is doing its usual thing were it wont give me any down time as is goes on and on and on and on and on.............. my hands cant keep up. You have to go with the flow at these times as the inspiration and idea spew doesn't last so I just embrace the caos and fuel up with soup.

 I have been making lots of wall art/collage pieces in a sewn, drawn painted, glued kind of way
and have designed a Tamar swan cushion of which I have printed 3 to try them out. I embroider the swan in a mix of whites and creams and the plumage is stitched in French knots, chain stitch and running stitch I think it looks quite effective. Problem is knowing when to stop with these things. once I have a cuppa in hand I can get quite carried away with my needle and threads.