Friday, 9 March 2012

Spring Shoots.......Whoopie

This month I have been putting together some fabric bundles for my shop. I thought they would go well along side my patterns and I can never resist little parcels with tags all neat and colourfull, especially filled with vintage fabrics. hopefully customers will feel the same.
 And I was very excited to see my first seeds of the year coming through. It always makes me feel as though the summer is finally here.
I usually get very excited at this point, get dressed in some lovely summer dress and cardie go out the house  and freeze, not to mention get a few crazy looks from passes by.
 I have also been making some textile art cards instead of my usual illustrations. I seem to collect so many nice little bits of lace, ribbon and what ever my magpie eye finds so thought I should start putting them out there for others to appriciate.
I recently won on ebay one off those 70's textile string art panels, and I guess that most have sparked off this venture. I will post a photo off it when it arrives.

jack and peter doing well thankfully, although peters sticky bum issue may need vet attention (let me know Eileen if you think that I should take him in) pressure of looking after a friends bunnies may be making me a tad paranoid,