Sunday, 1 May 2011

Toy picnic test run and photo shoot

New stock made it was time to do a few photos.

Fins photo shoot was not the best. He insisted on wearing his prince outfit I had hastily put together the night before school after finding out he was meant to be in fancy dress for the royal wedding.

Probably the worst dress up outfit I have ever made but looks like to be fins favourite.

Always the way, looks like my embarrassing creation is going to be worn allot, o dear.

Merryn did a spot of modeling for me as well to not much success. silly faces and lots of blurred images later I think I got maybe two good photos.

Next plan was to put out a toy picnic for merryn and to test drive some of my new toys. The weather was fantastic and the test run was very successful. I had trouble getting lady greenfly back of merry and ended up promising her to merryn if she didn't sell at the mayfair.

Lucky for her she survived the day unsold so I had a very happy girl.

Wednesday, 13 April 2011


I have been working on some new stuff this last month. I have a stall coming up in may for the annual Saltash mayfair, and really wanted to have some different things on it this year.

Problem is i am on a total dry spell as far as inspiration goes. I have been playing around with some leftover stock but nothing revolutionary has happened yet.

Instead I have been distracting myself with our new ducks and messing about with silly projects round the house.
We now have four ducks and I am loving the fresh duck eggs we get from the girls in the morning. I need a few more recipes though. can't live off cake and omelet's

Saturday, 19 February 2011

Hurlers Horses And Owls

We spent the day on Bodmin moor to see the hurlers and the cheese rings.
It was blinking cold but the winter sun was worth it. the wild horses are so tame and we got really close its such a dream like place.
Barren wild and full of history, the hurlers is a ring of ancient stones and ruined mines sitting next to ancient tombs. it had a spooky calm round the stones and when you stand in the middle of the circle its like you are being judged or something, you feel eyes on you and all the horses seem to stand still and stare.
Its there land up here and you are intruding no one around not even cars.

I finished some projects this month too.
An owl for a friends baby with a squeaker in one wing and a bell in the other to hang from a pram or cot.

And a purse for myself which I was quite pleased with. I'm still a bit hooked on this cross stitch thing at the mo its so relaxing and I'm getting quite quick now.

My sand collection has finally filled that jar too ,and the colours of sand around the local surf spots was quite a surprise.

Friday, 14 January 2011

Happy new year

No this isn't my stock but I thought it was so lovely I had to get a photo to share with you crafty lot.
We went to the Eden project on the locals for a fiver day and I spotted this lovely lot in there shop.
Sorry I have not posted since November I have been very busy with Christmas stalls of my own and family get together.
The new year started quite slowly after a manic Christmas. we spent new years day on the beach were I gathered my thoughts. It looks as though I will easily fill this year twice over with the plans.
I need to focus on one project at a time.
just as I was in a moment of reflection the kids ran into the sea with wellies on . A wave came in and filled there boots. Beach trip cut short and gloves on feet we headed home