Sunday, 13 June 2010

making madness and market stalls

I have had a mental few weeks with just too much going on for
my poor brain to cope with.
My brain has been relatively dormant and just getting jealous of
all the hard work my poor hands have been doing.
I had two weeks notice to get a good market stall spread together and
a newly built conservatory to furnish. Not to mention that new dress for mummy bear
I promised my 4 year old son. I promised Fin I would suitably dress poor mummy bear a week ago and at last made good on my word.
Fin picked this velvet like fabric out and the flower button pin himself and took great pride in dressing her in the new glad rags.
I was meant to re-cover the whole corner sofa in our new conservatory but only managed two pillows, that was a bit of a cop out.
The cushions are nice though!
Maybe I will cover the sofa in cushions instead to re vamp the tired old thing.
My husband would kill me though he has the whole bloke phobia against cushions going on.
I will have to slowly increase there number in a stealth like way.
Maybe he wont notice?
Maybe mummy bear will fly ?